22 May 2010

Evy's Tree is having a GIVE-AWAY!

Evy's Tree is having a give-away! Evy's Tree makes just wonderful hoodies. We love them. We own several and have been happy happy happy with each and every one! They come so nicely wrapped. They smell so good, she is so fast with shipping them and just a lovely person. I have enjoyed reading her blog. She makes me laugh with each post.

Don't laugh but she wanted some pics to show her plus size hoodies. Yes I am one big mama! I used to be tall and skinny. Now I am tall and plus! I wouldn't say I was plus and proud but it is what it is!

My husband and I took all of us out to take pics. It was crazy. Stella Marie would scream if the camera was not on her. Henry would not get out of the car. Dylan made odd faces and then was done when he was done.

 My husband and I tried our best but this is hard work. I am ready for a nap already.

Check out Evy's Tree blog post for the shirt give-away!

Don't forget I have a give-away too! Just read the post below!


  1. You are one beautiful mama Jenn & Willow is fantastic! I know how hard it is to photograph little ones, and what we have to do to get them to even look at the camera. Beautiful pictures, beautiful hoodies!! Hope you get that nap!! :)

  2. Mande this was crazy! My husband did take some good pics of me and the kids! Hee Hee!

  3. ahhh Jenn! You are beautiful!! And these pictures are just stunning! Good job! I'm going to try to upload them to etsy today, if my kids let me. :( Thank you so much for doing this, as I know it wasn't easy!! xoxo

  4. Wow!!! These pics are beautiful and I love reading what an adventure it was - haha!!!!


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