01 September 2014

Check in Day!

I am scared BEYOND scared to fail you guys! 

Sept 1st is here and I get to get on the scale!

I really hope I lost weight it has been 45 days since I started this journey!

I measured myself 14 days ago! 
I forgot to do the measurements when I started! 

Bust 47 down from 49!
Waist 43 down from 49!
Hips 47 down from 49!
Upper Arm still 15!
Upper leg still 25! 

Drummmm roll I weigh in at 238!

Down from 250.6!


Here is what I looked like when I started!

It has not been easy guys! It is getting easier but it is sooooooooooooo hard! 

I LOVE flour/sugar!

Giving up meat no biggie but bread/dessert HARD!

I did have wine a couple times out on a date night with the hubby and once on our Beach trip!

I also lost it on the Beach trip and ate an Oreo Double Stuff cookie! BOOOOOOOOO! 

But other than that folks I have been good!

I also had a trigger happen! A family member I had not heard from in 2 years text me! 

The old me would have lost it and started texting away starting the whole drama over again! 

But this time I did nothing! 

It is not because I do not LOVE this person or Forgive this person it is because I loose my mind around this person!

A person can only be told what happened to them did not happen so many times before they explode! 

That is what I grew up in! You were told what happened never mind what you saw, experienced with your own eyes! They will break you down till you march to their drum and God Help me I can't do it! I could not do it as a kid and I can't as an adult! 

 The only way I can be a good Mom is being 
Real/ Truthful to myself! 

Soooooooooo I was proud of myself for not engaging not eating a horse etc from the emotional drama it brought rushing back! 

Kids start school this week so I will be adding exercise to this journey! 

Not sure what yet maybe walking but something to speed this up!

Hugs until next time folks! 


25 August 2014


Are you one of 16 WINNERS?????? 

Emails went out! 


Cherie Coker

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robyn fox

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Suzan tugrul

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David Chan

Christa Lynne Benitez

17 August 2014

30 days and counting!

30 days and counting!

No Meat, Sugar or Flour!

Holy Cow it is a miracle! 

It has not been easy!

I made it through a small argument with the hubby without zoning out on food. Same thing happened with my oldest he got in trouble/grounded and he made my life miserable for a week! 
I wanted to eat a BUS but I didn't! 

Our house flooded this week and I came across old pictures of myself when cleaning up the mess in our basement! 

I was probably 130 in this picture! I used to be 132 most of High School! 

 I used to be 5 11 but know I am 5 10! 

Not sure still where I want my weight goal to be! 

I think I will just let God lead me on that one! 

Not weighing myself till Sept 1st! 


Next thing I need to do it start exercising! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the emails, messages and  posts of encouragement etc! 

I think getting the messages from friends on FB that I did not even know followed my posts meant the most! Taking the time to personally message me with ideas and support!
 I LOVE you guys! 

I have always been a VERY open person! 

The LOVE from friends has always been my saving grace! 

I could not have made it through growing up with a family surrounded with Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Mental Health issues, Suicide, Drugs, Sex abuse etc without my VOICE! 

It has been the only thing that kept ME/MYSELF halfway sane! 

Sooooooooooooooooo from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for supporting me on this journey and listening to my rambles! 

Until Next time LOVE Jenn

13 August 2014

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03 August 2014

Daily, Weekly, Monthly???

I told you I would be mastering the SELFIE! 
I have not been one to do SELFIES!
Heck I did not like seeing ANY pics of myself but I have to say getting this out there has been FREEING! 
I guess I have been hiding behind my computer and my kids!
I need to get a full length mirror too!
 I know you can't wait to see the full view! LOL! 
Oh guess who turned 7 yesterday????
My FABULOUS baby girl! 

Yes she dressed herself from HEAD to TOE for her day out on the town! 
Speaking of guess who made it through these

and Pizza without cheating????
But GOD HELP me it was hard! 
SOOOOOOOOOO that question of weighing myself  DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY??
I decided on MONTHLY because the fact is I am obsessing on it! 
Upset when the scale goes up!
I was at 245 on August 1st measurements are Waist 49, Chest 49, Upper thigh 25 and upper arm 15! 
So next weigh in Sept 1! 
Does that sound good????

Do you use any fitness apps on your phone???


Did you WIN a spot in our WORKSHOP???

1. Kori Spencer
2. Sarah Beeson
 3. Amy E Owens
4. Brooke Ahart
                  5. Nicole Boardman Benitez

There is still time to book a spot! 

Email me at Fortytoesphotography@yahoo.com 

31 July 2014


Throw back Thursday! 

Yes that is me and my Best Friend in College with the flash covering my face! 

See I am not BIG boned! 

I get that a lot lately! Don't worry you are BIG BONED and I just smile! 

When I want to SCREAM no I am NOT! 


SOOOOOOOOO Day 14 was not EASY!

Kids are still out from School! 

If you did not know I have 4 kids! I had them within 5 years! 


The day started off with Ronnie (the baby) and Dylan my second born fighting! 

Like screaming, yelling soooooooooo embarrassing the neighbors must think we are CRAZY fighting! 

I take away their IPADS feed them a smoothie which I enjoy too then head off to swimming lessons! 

Ya things are back on track! 

Well it is PAYDAY so after swimming we head off to Costco to get groceries with 4 kids in tow! 

This time the oldest and Dylan are fighting! 

Soooooooooooooooo embarrassing in public! 

At this point I am in the car the fighting continues I tell them no computers and the oldest looses his marbles CRYING so hard I think I am going to loose my mind! 

I pull the car over and make him get out! 


And while I wait on the side of the road I crack open the walnuts just PLAIN walnuts the kind for baking but I find myself eating a couple handfuls before I am realizing what I am doing! 

I really think I zone out with food! 

Now I am allowing myself nuts while I try to loose weight but they are fatty right handfuls is not good! 


SERIOUSLY being a MOM is the HARDEST job I have ever had! And when I am STRESSED I eat! 

Oh well! 

Thanks for listening! 

I know someday I will look back on these days as the BEST DAYS of my life but SERIOUSLY some days it is sooooooooooo HARD to be a SAHM! 


Those dieting with me when do you weigh yourself???

Daily, Weekly, Monthly!

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