18 December 2014

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17 December 2014

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15 December 2014

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11 December 2014

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10 December 2014

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Dec weigh in and so much more!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.

I have been battling pain for about 2 years! 

The Doctors kept telling me to loose weight, they kept saying are you sure you are not depressed??

Being a Mom to 4 is overwhelming and I kept say I am not depressed etc! I am in pain! They would not believe me!

Two years of this! 

Well about two weeks ago I had so much pain I begged my Chiropractor for a MRI! 

Before I had even gotten home from the MRI he had called to say that the Radiologist had called and I needed to be referred to a Neurosurgeon ASAP! 

I saw the Neurosurgeon yesterday! 

He said I have a Chiari Decompression!

It is blocking off of the spinal fluid in my spine! They need to scrape off my brain that is causing the blockage and put in a part of a cow to stop the brain from doing this! Then they have to drain the fluid that has built up in my spinal cord causing all this unbelievable pain! 

I feel like I am in a nightmare! 

The Doctor could not believe I have not had permanent damage from the looks of the fluid in my spine! 

The blockage in my spinal cord is from my neck all the way past my clavicle! 


So GOD is looking out for me but guys my HEART is so scared!

I am a Mom to 4 beautiful kids that I LOVE with all my heart and the thought of not being here for them the thought of not being able to take care of them the thought of being paralyzed is unreal! 

Like blowing my mind! 

Soooooo right now I am trying to get a second opinion! The issue is time! They want to do this surgery ASAP! 

As for my weight! I did not exercise much in Nov! I cheated food wise! 

But on a positive I am still down 20 pounds!

HUGS guys! 

I ask for all the prayers you can send for my family! 

Love Jenn

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