Forty Toes Photography FAQ

 Q) How do you reach me??

A) You can reach me at or by phone 253-273-2720!

Q) Do you offer private sessions?

A) At this time I am booked with commercial work and growing businesses but you can always email me at to see if we can make it possible!  

Q) Do you have studio?

A) No my work is all on location with natural light! 

Q) What are your fees?

A) My fees vary! It will just depend on what you are needing done for your business! Email me at so we can get started branding and getting your business noticed! 

Q) How can I become a BLOG sponsor?

A) Email me at for details! I will need your business name, shop link and facebook link! I try to stick with children's handmade boutiques but you can always email me if you have questions! 

Q) Do you offer workshops?

A) I am sooooooooo excited after being asked by fans over and over again if I provide mentoring the answer is YES! I am getting ready to share all my Social Media skills for growing your business! I still can not believe I am able to provide for my family just by using Facebook to my advantage!  More details coming VERY soon! But you can always email me at on how you can get on my email list so you will be the first to know about the classes!

Q) How do I get my clothing, accessories and items photographed by Forty Toes?

A) Email me at and we can discuss options!

Q) How can I be a part of your next GIVEAWAY?

A) I try to stick to HANDMADE Boutiques for my GIVEAWAYS! But if you are not sure you are the right fit you can email me to see!  I do charge a fee to participate in my GIVEAWAYS! My goal has been to use my SOCIAL MARKETING skills to grow and get your business seen by as many folks as possible! Email me at for details on how to start growing and making sales! 

Q) Do you offer shout outs for businesses?

A) I keep shout outs to folks I have a personal relationship with like BLOG sponsors, folks I have shot pics for or my DEAR friends that I have known for years! 


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