31 May 2010

Happy Memorial Day & my DAD!

I am sooo thankful for each and every person that has ever fought in any war or conflict for their country.

I am sooo thankful that when my DAD went to Vietnam he came back to us!!!!!

As my eyes tear up I am filled with so much love for service men and women all of this world.

May God keep them safe and bring them home to loved ones all over this world.

Thanks DAD!!!!!


  1. So beautiful Jenn. Earlier today 2 fighter jets flew over our house- very low and I tried to explain what this holiday means to my son. He just looked at me & said "it is nice that soldiers want to keep us safe mom". Thank you for this post Jenn & thank God for the service men & women that keep us safe. xo

  2. What a cool photo! My brother is over in Bahrain currently, I can't wait until he is able to come home with us - FOR GOOD!

  3. That photo is awesome!

    We are so lucky to live in America!


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