23 May 2010

Small Beans and Pictures

My husband and I took all the kids to the park to take pics! The cute outfits came from Small Beans.

We started by getting the boys haircuts. Hank would not get his cut so we resorted to bribing.
When we got to the park. Stella Marie and Dylan jumped right out but Hank would not get out of the car. He said his feet were cold.

Dylan seemed to have a frown on his face for every picture.  He  then decided he was done at a certain point and there was no going back.

This cutie pie did not know how to handle the spotlight. If the camera was not on her she would scream until it was. I am sure I have created a monster. I usually think she looks just like her Dad and Grandma Velma but today I saw a little of myself in this little girl! I love her so!!! Yes Ronnie is always this serious.

We were ready to go after taking pics and playing at the castle play structure and Hank decides to not only get out of the car to play but he wants to go back to the barn and take pics. So Daddy drove us back to take a few pics. I always see him as my little boy but today looking at his pics I could see this little man. I just love this guy sooo much! There is nothing like your first born. He just melts my heart.

I had to add just one more because this is the only one I got of  Dylan smiling. I had a friend comment that he looks like the life of the party. You all have know idea. Dylan is my one child that gets into everything. But he has sooo much love inside it is hard to get mad at him. Every single day he tells me I am beautiful and I have to say for those quick seconds I truly believe him!!!!


  1. First - your little Dylan is right - you are beautiful! And I love all of these pictures! Your kids are so gorgeous! They sounds like little rascals too! Lillie would have such a ball with them! Wish you lived on this side of the country - haha!

    I am so glad you got your package. I am STILL waiting in the right slate color. I got a shipment in yesterday and it is a bit darker. I am using it on other people's stuff but I really want Stella Marie's to match yours. I have 7 yards on order of the exact color of yours but it has been on backorder for like 5 weeks now. I am getting so impatient. Whoops, I just realized I was writing all of this on your wall - I was thinking I was sending you an e-mail - haha!

  2. LOVE there matching shirts! TOO CUTE!


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