25 June 2010

Forty Toes!

Fun day!

I listed the Brandi Lynn set today.

Named after my little sis. I wish I had her senior pic because she has one that looks just like this pose above.

This is actually the last pic taken one because it was starting to rain and mostly because she was announcing she had to go number two. Hee Hee!

Remember I decided to follow Amy of Evy's Tree and start potty training.

What was I thinking?????

I LOVE these flowers I got the patterns and the fabric from Dream Spun Kids.

I am allowed to use her patterns as long as I don't under price her. Sooo I am sooo excited!

I love these tights too! They come from the wonderful Amazing Gracie.

Thanks to my Mom for going out and looking for more tank tops.

I thought I could just order online at Old Navy or GAP but no such luck!!!

Non to be found but my Mom went on a search so I am good for now.

I will be listing the brown tank later tonight!

I have lots of colors for the flowers so just email me for a custom listing !

Don't forget about my give away below!

I will announce the winner on July 4th!

I am also sad to say Dear Lillie will be closing for a month or so tonight!!!

So if there is something you have been eyeing you need to go over there right now and place your older. Plus she has a giveaway going on her blog too!

I LOVE Dear Lillie! I will miss you this summer and be counting down to you reopen!


  1. Wow, that first shot is amazing! Think that is my favorite photograph you have taken to date! Funny how sometimes even in their #2 moments, we catch such beauty! LOVE IT!

  2. Your blog is too cute! Your kids are presh and you are sooo creative!!! I'm a follower!!!

  3. Us two Jenni's think alike! That first shot truly is incredible! Love that brown tank!!!

  4. Love that first shot too!! Beautiful!!

  5. Soooo cute Jenni!! Love the teal flower on Stella tank!! Cute! I am totally gonna miss Dear Lillie:( I'm with ya on the counting down:) Can't wait to see what she has in store for us!!
    How's the potty training coming along?:)

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