23 July 2010

Shadowing Willow!

I LOVE Willow right????

I have said it sooo many times she is just a giver right!

Well on Wednesday she calls saying how about Friday if I take pics of Stella Marie I have this cool couch I want to take pics on?

I was like YAY!

So she sends me a pic of the couch and I make three dresses that night.

How cute are these????

The other little model is Grace!

She was just a doll and sooooo excited to be modeling!
She liked my dress! It made me feel sooo special!

This cool cool cool set is from my fav Zozobugbaby!

The bracelets are mine from the teenage years. I soooo love having a girl!

Willow helped me with my setting so the pics are sooo much lighter without even having to edit them!

I can't wait to post the new dresses in the shop!

Have a great weekend guys!

I will have a resale posting for a friend this weekend.

All the stuff is brand new Vintage Lucy clothes but marked down to a great price!

P.S. The cool hair clip in the first pic comes from the wonderful Princy N Paris! And on top of that there was no no no editing done to that pic! It is right out of the camera! YAY! Willow is a great teacher huh?


  1. You're doing so wonderfully, Jenn. I am so happy for you. Your work in both dresses and photography is gaining new grounds. Congrats!

  2. Jenn!!! Love these pictures. That dress form dress is WOW!!! LOVE! Perfect with Princy's beautiful clip. What a fabulous friend Willow is to help you with your pictures. These turned out fantastic!! xo

  3. Awesome job Jenn!!! Thanks again for including my clip!!;) Stella looks great, she always does:)

  4. You are AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what comes next! I Love being a mommy to a girl as well, it is sooo fun!

  5. it is awesome to have someone who will help you and teach you!

  6. saw the etsy listing for the dress this morning. if it had been a 2/3, it would have been sold. love the color and print combos. great job.

  7. Jenn - you are so talented. The dresses and photos are incredible. That first shot is absolutely one of my favorites! It belongs in a magazine!

  8. SM is STUNNING!! and your photos are awesome!! I love them!! xoxo

  9. The new dresses are so cute!


  10. I love those dresses! Cute lil girls too! You rock!!! I am glad you are having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!


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