31 August 2010

Night Owl

Okay BIG BIG BIG pressure!

I get an email from the designer from Night Owl asking if I would do a trade for pics and I was feeling a little confident and said sure.

Then Trisha the designer says I LOVE your little girl and I am a photographer.......

My stomach drops.........

Trisha is not only an awesome designer but a photographer. She runs Trisha Renee Images.

I was like why me????

She said she had just recently moved and did not know any little girls in her area and kept seeing pics of Stella Marie and thought she would ask me....
 I was just soooo excited.

I was like ooohhhh no!!! I can't do this.

Well I got the dress over a week ago before we headed to the ocean with our niece that was out visiting.

Our niece left Monday and I had gotten some cool shoes etc. to go with the dress and got all excited to take pics today but.....

Like only in WA it was raining . We got a break and I dressed her up and we headed outside.

I just got some new hats in from Princy N Paris too!

I can not wait to use them for more pics.

Well Trisha gave her thumbs up!!!! YAY!

I really LOVE taking pics of this little girl!

She starts preschool on Thursday!

She is sooo excited but I wish she would stay little and with me forever!!!


  1. Love love love this dress on Stella Marie, picture perfect!

  2. You did great! I hope she likes the dress and continues to get use out of it, with all the awesome clothes she owns!

  3. Cute! CUTE! Great job and cute dress!!!!!!!

  4. She is such a beauty and the photos are awesome, Jenn!


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