21 September 2010

Dear Lillie and few other pics!

What a fun shoot!

My favorite store Dear Lillie and close email friend Jennifer asked if I would shoot some pics for their store!!!

I was sooo excited and nervous all in one.

 Jennifer is amazing!

She does everything with such style and in my eyes perfection.

She is a Mom, Wife, Designer, and Photographer.

I did not want to disappoint!

The shirts that are soooo cute came in the mail Monday!

 Ronnie and I headed out to get black fabric to make pants to go with the Model T shirt!

I think they turned out sooo cute too!

Ronnie had sooo much fun! He slept for hours after we got home. I had to wake him up to go get the other three from school!

I also took the kids down to the water after school to try and get a few pics of Stella Marie in this darling dress by Little Green Swing.

This dress is made of Kennedy fabric!

LOVE it!

The hat comes from my new favorite find Pretty Girl Couture!

They are soooooo gorgeous and her prices are sooooo GREAT!


  1. Jennifer, these are gorgeous! Ronnie is just so precious-- he may have a career in modeling, too :)

  2. Great pics once again!!!

    (Are Ronnie's boots Joyfolie?)

  3. Jenn, I can't thank you enough for taking these for me. Ronnie is a doll baby and I love the little black pants you made for him! I am beyond thrilled with the photos! And I LOVE the pics of Stella Marie. The expression on her face in the second one is too too cute!

  4. I just want to squeeze that baby he is so cute!! Stella Marie is also a little beauty. Your photography skills are fantastic Jenn!! Great job on these!!


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