26 March 2011


Oh I am so glad I got these pictures in on Friday.
It was 67 degrees and the SUN was out.
I had thought to wait until this weekend but by the time I had picked up the older boys
gotten dinner started it was grey and raining.
Still raining today.
But how cool are the new designs from
Ingrid B. Designs?????

I have known Ingrid for some time now.
She is my go to for baby gifts.
I know that when I purchase from her the outfit will not only be
it will come so nicely wrapped with a note too.

Getting asked to take pictures for a friend is always so
hard for me.
I always get so nervous.
Don't get me wrong I always want to do my best but I just feel a pressure
for friends that I don't want to let them down.

photographing your spring/summer pieces.
She says they will be listed in her store starting April 1st.
I will share the listings on my page just as soon as they are listed so you don't miss out.
You will LOVE them!


  1. I love them too! And the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! :)

  2. SOOOOO adorable!!!!- can't wait to see the whole line!- as always YOUR pictures are AMAZING!!!- you are truly Blessed with a great gift!

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