24 June 2011

Something new for FORTY TOES!

Forty Toes Photography


out as a fun outlet for this




I never ever would have imagined nearing 7,000 fans on FB

or having had 56,000 plus thousand people view my


In the begining I was so happy that anyone would let me take pictures for them.

Here is one of my first ever pics for

Don't laugh I had no idea what I was doing.

But Dear Lillie was so nice to me and encouraging at a time that all I could do was survive the day with 4

small children all under 5.

So photography became my MOM outlet.

But over the past year I have bought new lenses, invested in actions, photoshop, computer programs,

updated my BLOG etc all to get better at not only taking pictures but with the idea of how can I best help

support ETSY sellers.

A year ago I never imagined any of this but here is the issue I want to keep helping promote ETSY sellers

but I have a hard time justifying charging !

I know Willow if you are reading this you are SCREAMING that I am worth it well............

My husband came up with this idea so what do you think?????

I have added a donation button to my BLOG.

Just like the

Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way.

This way I can still help support, advertize, promote for the mom and pop ETSY store without charging and

for those that like the pictures/advertizing I have done for them they will be able to donate whatever they feel

my service is worth or can afford at the time.

So I will still provide pictures/advertizing in trade no fee unless you feel inclined!

My whole goal in life is to stay at home with my kids and I am hoping that this will turn into a business that

will not just be something I do for fun but something that helps provide for my family!

Thank You all for all your support. It means the world to me!


  1. I think that this is a brilliant idea!!!! We have been racking our brain on how we can send you love for all that you do for our family with pictures and fun cloths, love, love, love this!!!!

  2. congrats on your success! i am so happy for you!

  3. What a lovely heart and absolutely beautiful family!!! Oh yea, and your pics are pretty rockin' too!!! ;) You advertise beautifully for the shops I've seen and hope you get the support you are due in exchange!

  4. I had no idea you didn't charge! That's incredible! Hope you get lots of donations because you totally deserve it!

  5. Great job my friend!! So happy for you, and I love the idea!! xoxo

  6. Jennifer, you are totally WORTH it! So happy to see you add this as you provide an invaluable service to etsy owners and customers as often times we would never know about all of the gorgeous shops you take pictures for! Congrats my friend!!!

  7. You are so awesome Jenn! I know these shop owners really appreciate it too!!!

  8. Jenn - you are more than worth it! And in my opinion you should charge a pretty penny for all that you do! Your work is stunning and I don't think most people realize the endless hours that go into just a single photo shoot.


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