11 August 2011

Forty Toes FEATURED DESIGNER of the MONTH and the Promotions Gallery!

My brain is always going a mile a minute thinking of new ways to promote your business!

Most of them don't work out but I always think it is worth a try! Because some have been BIG hits! LOL!

Well here is my new idea!

There is this new app called Promotions Gallery my friend Ana told me about it!

I thought I could put it to good use.

Once a month I will add all the designers that I have photographed for the month in the application.

It is really easy to view on the left hand side under my profile picture!

It makes it really easy for fans to like your page from one spot!

Then at the end of the month I will pick one of the designers from the list to be featured on my BLOG for free for the Month.

I am hoping it brings you the designer NEW fans/sales and the title of Forty Toes Designer of the month and for my fans an easy way to like all the newest designers FT's has worked with.

WHAT do you think??????

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