04 September 2012



1. Kristy Beebe Tree Head!

2. Marni Blue Dasbach The Ruffle Cupcake and  Oh! Sew Precious!

3. Jen  LilyM Boutique and SNANIMALS!

4. Heather Birdsell Tickle My Tutu!

5. Hilliary Justesen Plumberri  and Darling Little Bow Shop!

6. Charrissa Nuttleman Adisten's Closet and  Dazzeled, Darling Necklaces!

7. Amanda Walker Disneyland gift credit plus Pixie Dust Necklaces!

8. Jennifer Sharp razberries and raizins and Little Addie's Boutique!


You have 48 hours to claim your prizes! Email me at jennmander@yahoo.com


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