28 August 2013

Birthday Bash WINNERS!


You all made this the best Birthday Bash to date!

 If you are a fan and want to make sure you do not MISS OUT on anything

make sure and sign up 

Or if you are a DESIGNER and what to make sure you do not


on how to join a

 Forty Toes 


make sure and sign up

Now the fun part! 


Was it you????

Names are listed below under each 


All WINNERS must email me at 


within 48 hours of this post to claim 

their prize!

I will verify you are the WINNER and

 provide you with a code to give the 

designers to claim your PRIZES! 

Items ship FREE within the US only!

Gift cards must be used within 30 days 

of this post!

Gift cards are virtual cards!

Shipping will come out of the gift card 

to ship the item!

Anymore questions feel free to email 

me too!


 Sara Pierce
Win a surprise dress!

 Dyan Peeples Deedrick
Win a tank dress!

 Amanda Rike Gillenwater 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Shantel Moreno
Win two necklaces!

 Brya Hoffman Rahn
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Debbie Johnson 
Win this dress!

 Erin Hughes
Win a 50 dollar gift card on Ready To Ships!

 Cynthia DeWick Lawrence
Win a peasant dress!

 Felicia Adkins 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Twana Fugitt Dyer
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Dawn Quinlan
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Lindsay Christensen
Win a 60x80 double sides Backdrop!

 Jennifer Rene Brandow
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Melissa 'Kollman' Heimbuch 
Win 5 pairs of leggies!

Sharon Palmer 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Tish Scott 
Win a surprise dress!

 Rebecca Johnsey Carreiro
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Danielle Twitch Yrulegui
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Shai Kernan 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!

 Joanna Strenfel 
Win custom cupcake shoes, curly laces , hair clips and leg warmers! 

 Sarah Vian 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!!

 Hannah Ellis-Mikulak 
Win a 50 dollar shop credit!
Princess Izzy Boutique

 Joanna Strenfel
Win this dress!
Hickity Pickity

 Shera Diaz 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!
JAB Creations Clothing

 Nancy Ramirez Pfeifer 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!
Origami Owl By Dana

 Kayla Strong 
Win a 50 dollar gift card!
Ellie Inspired

 Roxanne Gonsalves Tomkinson
Win 100 dollars in templates!
Galpin Studios


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  2. I Hope I Did It Right! :)

  3. Another great giveaway!! :-)

  4. I'd take whatever you chose! :)

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