29 November 2013

Lily and Luna GIVEAWAY!

Christmas GIVEAWAYS!


We adore her! 

She makes GORGEOUS pieces! 

PS she has her own GIVEAWAY going on 

PPPSSSSTTTTTT she will be doing patterns real soon too! 

Now the fun part what you can WIN!

Win a surprise dress! 

It is sooooooooooo easy to enter!

1. Like Lily and Luna fan page!

2. Leave LOVE on their fan page HERE!

3. Like this picture on my fan page HERE

4. We LOVE when you SHARE IT for extra entries just

 leave a comment on this picture HERE each time you 


5. Comment I want to WIN on this picture  


Extra entries if you pin this picture! 

Comment on this picture HERE if you do! 

WINNER will be selected randomly from all the

comments left on this picture HERE

WINNER will be notified by FB message, I will 

WINNER on FB and post the WINNER HERE too!

GIVEAWAY ends December 6th! 

Good Luck!

Don't forget to enter these GIVEAWAYS too! 




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