02 January 2014



Was it you????

Names are listed below under each 


All WINNERS must email me at 


within 48 hours of this post to claim 

their prize!

I will verify you are the WINNER and

 provide you with a code to give the 

designers to claim your PRIZES! 

Items ship FREE within the US only!

Gift cards must be used within 30 days 

of this post!

Gift cards are virtual cards!

Shipping will come out of the gift card 

to ship the item!

Anymore questions feel free to email 

me too!


Julie Hebb
Won a 50 dollar gift card!

Taren Marvets 
Won a 50 dollar gift card!
AveryMac and Roo

 Leslie Gonzales
Won a Sweet Pea Jacket!
Maly and Me

Krystle Penlington-Flinn
Won a darling "love" shirt,  hand stitched appliqué using the softest of minky fabric!  Winner chooses size from 12month-big girl size 8.  Matching hot pink petti completes the outfit!  Valued at $60.00
A Prefect Treasure
Won a 50 dollar gift card!

Won a 50 dollar gift card!

 Beth Slagle Wildman
Won a 100 dollar gift card!

Won a 50 dollar gift  card!

Won a 50 dollar gift card!

Won a 50 dollar gift card!

Won a Audrey Hepburn Tutu Dress !

Sabrina Presley
Won an ad!
Model Life Magazine

Audrey Sieg
Won a 50 dollar gift card!
Sugarush Apparel

Victoria Washington Anderson
Won a surprise necklace and head piece!
Apple Beary Bowtique

 Nawal Kassir 
Won two surprise necklaces!
Caroline G Shop

Chelsea Cardwell-Walter
Won these bows!
The BowFairies

 Morgan Grissom Hunt
Won Sweet Valentine Owl Applique T-Shirt and Matching Pants. 
Elegant Embroidery Designs

Kelly Miller Alflen
Won a surprise accessory pack!

 Stephanie LuvBug
Won a 100 dollar gift card!

Marilyn Stevens 
Won a 50 dollar gift card!
A Little Ray of Sunshine


  1. I won, I won..... Thank you so much!!!

  2. I absolutely love your unique photos .,There wonderful.You capture the innocense in all your photos.Thank you.

  3. I absolutely love your unique photos .,There wonderful.You capture the innocense in all your photos.Thank you.

  4. This is awesome thanks to all the sponsors foe this amazing chance!!

  5. This is awesome thanks to all the sponsors foe this amazing chance!!

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