26 May 2014

We have 4 Shopping Sprees to Be Inspired Boutique! Worth over 2000 dollars!

We have a 2000 dollar shopping spree up for gabs for 


Each WINNER will have 500 dollars to spend at the FABULOUS

Be Inspired Boutique! 


1. Like all fan pages below to enter!

2. Please  tell us why you want to win a Shopping Spree 


1. I will be posting THANK YOU posts for each shop DAILY on my fan page!
If you like the post and leave a THANK YOU comment
on the  post you earn a BONUS entry!

2.  We can NEVER do these GIVEAWAYS without the donations from each SPONSOR! Please  take your time and personally go to their fan pages and THANK them! It will mean so much and earn you BONUS entries! 

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7.  Please pin this picture for extra entries! 

Good Luck folks!

Winners will be drawn on June 9th! They will be

 emailed and posted on my BLOG! They will have 48 

hours to claim! 

Be Inspired Be Inspired


  1. Thank you for this Awesome opportunity!!

  2. I love your boutique! ! I'd love to win to have something for myself and not feel quilty.. I worry about everyone around me but myself.ill send pictures of me in your beautiful clothes. Please please please pick me

  3. I fell in love with your products as soon as I saw them! It's so hard to pick something because I want it all. I would love to win because I am a stay-at-home-mom and because of that don't have the extra money to buy lots of nice things. If I won I would buy from the Just Like Mommy collection. My daughter and I are besties and love to match if possible. We would be so grateful if you picked us!!!

  4. thanjk you for this oppurtunity from me and my daughter paislee!!

  5. Victoria FernandezMay 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    Thank you!

  6. I absolutely love your boutique!! I have recently bought dresses from you and I love them! They're so many products that I would love to have. Plus, I have a daughter and her birthday is coming up and I know she would love us to dress the same and have the dresses you have for girls! Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Wow wow wow you all rock my world xx

  8. Thanks so much this is exciting i would really love to win. I really appreciate all the amazing giveaways and the chance to win :)

  9. this would mean so much to me to win

  10. This would me an so much to my family :)

  11. This would me an so much to my family :)

  12. Thank you for this awesome giveaway. This would be amazing to win.

  13. Thank you for this incredible giveaway!!! It would be awesome to win and dress my girls and me in same dresses!!!

  14. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to feel and look pretty, without causing problems to our families financial budget:)

  15. Kimberley Thomas:
    What beautiful creations & models! Thanks to all the sponsors for the giveaway!!

  16. I would really love to win this I need some new clothes

  17. Beautiful bird photos, These would be great printed, framed and displayed together...in the sweet blue cottage..!

  18. Replies
    1. I would love to win because I have four children so money is kind of tight for mom to get clothes. You have such pretty styles for mom and child and i have always want to be able for me and my daughter to wear same outfit. Everyone calls her my mini me it would be so much fun to look the same. It also been very hard for me to get around the last 18 months since my injury. Since this I havent been able to work or finish nursing school. It would really be nice to have something like this happen it would make things seem not so bad for me.

  19. Please I have 2 girls and it would help Alot

  20. hi thanks for the opportunity I hope to win because I need some new clothes for my daughter I am a housewife and did not work and I can not buy good clothes and apparel collection with me like a lot, it is very difficult to choose because all wanted for me and I hope my daughter win please pick me please my

  21. hi thanks for the opportunity I hope to win because I need some new clothes for my daughter I am a housewife and did not work and I can not buy good clothes and apparel collection with me like a lot, it is very difficult to choose because all wanted for me and I hope my daughter win please pick me please my

  22. I am so happy to be apart of this giveaway, I pray I win, I am a single parent and this would be such a awesome blessing!!!!! Thank you

  23. Super excited about this!

  24. Great competition. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  25. I thinks its nice to have these great ways to win cuz sometimes times get rough and some people can't afford it so why not try to win it right thank you having it

  26. I would love to win!!! Thank u for the opportunity!!

  27. Love this its a great competition good luck to all and thank the sponsors for doing this hope I win!!!������

  28. Jade hinds-thompson
    Love this hope I can win thank y'all for this competition so fun

  29. Thank You for another Great GIVEAWAY.I Would Love To Win A Shopping Spree!!

  30. Thank you for this great giveaway!
    I hope I will win so I can share my love to my family and offer them beautiful surprises from your lovely shop!

  31. What a wonderful giveaway from such generous sponsor with great products! Thank you all for the chance! :) x

  32. Thank you for your sponsoring and this amazing opportunity ;)

  33. Thank you!! So excited to see the winners!

  34. I would love to win this so my daughter and I can enjoy the experience of picking out dresses together and wearing them together we have never really had the opportunity to do something like that which is a shame because all mom's and daughters love to shop together but unfortunately the finances haven't been there, we eventually will get to but your clothes are absolutely amazing and we both love your dresses so very much and I would love nothing more to wear them proudly with my beautiful girl we desperately need some mommy daughter time we are surrounded with boys lol I have 2 sons and of course a hubby so myself and my beautiful baby girl don't get too much mommy daughter time especially now that she is approaching teen years! We thank you so much for the opportunity we are so very excited and truly would love to win this! Thank you again and Good luck to all the other mommas who truly deserve this!!!!!

  35. This would also be a wonderful Birthday gift for myself August 6th is my birthday and my beautiful daughter who's Birthday is June 13th, this would be so wonderful I really really hope and pray we are picked for this wonderful gift! :)

  36. Would be great for my step daughter and I. Thanks

  37. Thank you and all sponsors for this amazing giveaway. ....

  38. Thank you and all sponsors for this amazing giveaway. ....

  39. My two year old baby girl would just love it. She such a girly girl and it would make her happy seeing that mommy has the same outfit. Thank you. Hope we win.

  40. Thank you! This would be perfect for my daughters 1 year pictures. We had a rough start with her being premature and only weighing 2 lbs 3 oz when she was born. I would love to have matching dresses.

  41. It's my birthday today.. This would be a nice way to get something for myself for a change.

  42. My fingers are crossed super tight! Thank you for a great Giveaway. Whoever wins will be super lucky!

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