17 August 2014

30 days and counting!

30 days and counting!

No Meat, Sugar or Flour!

Holy Cow it is a miracle! 

It has not been easy!

I made it through a small argument with the hubby without zoning out on food. Same thing happened with my oldest he got in trouble/grounded and he made my life miserable for a week! 
I wanted to eat a BUS but I didn't! 

Our house flooded this week and I came across old pictures of myself when cleaning up the mess in our basement! 

I was probably 130 in this picture! I used to be 132 most of High School! 

 I used to be 5 11 but know I am 5 10! 

Not sure still where I want my weight goal to be! 

I think I will just let God lead me on that one! 

Not weighing myself till Sept 1st! 


Next thing I need to do it start exercising! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the emails, messages and  posts of encouragement etc! 

I think getting the messages from friends on FB that I did not even know followed my posts meant the most! Taking the time to personally message me with ideas and support!
 I LOVE you guys! 

I have always been a VERY open person! 

The LOVE from friends has always been my saving grace! 

I could not have made it through growing up with a family surrounded with Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Mental Health issues, Suicide, Drugs, Sex abuse etc without my VOICE! 

It has been the only thing that kept ME/MYSELF halfway sane! 

Sooooooooooooooooo from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for supporting me on this journey and listening to my rambles! 

Until Next time LOVE Jenn

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  1. That is so awesome Jennifer! I find your posts to be so inspirational! I look forward to seeing your journey continue. :)


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