03 August 2014

Daily, Weekly, Monthly???

I told you I would be mastering the SELFIE! 
I have not been one to do SELFIES!
Heck I did not like seeing ANY pics of myself but I have to say getting this out there has been FREEING! 
I guess I have been hiding behind my computer and my kids!
I need to get a full length mirror too!
 I know you can't wait to see the full view! LOL! 
Oh guess who turned 7 yesterday????
My FABULOUS baby girl! 

Yes she dressed herself from HEAD to TOE for her day out on the town! 
Speaking of guess who made it through these

and Pizza without cheating????
But GOD HELP me it was hard! 
SOOOOOOOOOO that question of weighing myself  DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY??
I decided on MONTHLY because the fact is I am obsessing on it! 
Upset when the scale goes up!
I was at 245 on August 1st measurements are Waist 49, Chest 49, Upper thigh 25 and upper arm 15! 
So next weigh in Sept 1! 
Does that sound good????

Do you use any fitness apps on your phone???

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