01 September 2014

Check in Day!

I am scared BEYOND scared to fail you guys! 

Sept 1st is here and I get to get on the scale!

I really hope I lost weight it has been 45 days since I started this journey!

I measured myself 14 days ago! 
I forgot to do the measurements when I started! 

Bust 47 down from 49!
Waist 43 down from 49!
Hips 47 down from 49!
Upper Arm still 15!
Upper leg still 25! 

Drummmm roll I weigh in at 238!

Down from 250.6!


Here is what I looked like when I started!

It has not been easy guys! It is getting easier but it is sooooooooooooo hard! 

I LOVE flour/sugar!

Giving up meat no biggie but bread/dessert HARD!

I did have wine a couple times out on a date night with the hubby and once on our Beach trip!

I also lost it on the Beach trip and ate an Oreo Double Stuff cookie! BOOOOOOOOO! 

But other than that folks I have been good!

I also had a trigger happen! A family member I had not heard from in 2 years text me! 

The old me would have lost it and started texting away starting the whole drama over again! 

But this time I did nothing! 

It is not because I do not LOVE this person or Forgive this person it is because I loose my mind around this person!

A person can only be told what happened to them did not happen so many times before they explode! 

That is what I grew up in! You were told what happened never mind what you saw, experienced with your own eyes! They will break you down till you march to their drum and God Help me I can't do it! I could not do it as a kid and I can't as an adult! 

 The only way I can be a good Mom is being 
Real/ Truthful to myself! 

Soooooooooo I was proud of myself for not engaging not eating a horse etc from the emotional drama it brought rushing back! 

Kids start school this week so I will be adding exercise to this journey! 

Not sure what yet maybe walking but something to speed this up!

Hugs until next time folks! 



  1. Great job! How did you start this journey?

    1. Cmiller I saw that pic of myself on our trip to Chicago in June and was like that is it I HAVE to loose weight! =)

  2. Congratulations!

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