01 October 2014

October #OperationHotMama weigh in!


I can not even believe that was me just 2 and 1/2 short months ago!


All I have done is cut out sugar and flour!


I did start walking 3 miles a day with a Dear friend!

We try to do it Monday to Friday but we both have 4 kids so

things do come up but WOW guys! 

I know this is crazy but when I look down now at my feet I see chest now not tummy sticking out! 


Sorry I keep saying WOW but I am sooooooooooo  PROUD of myself! 

I did not think I could keep this up! 

I have tried to loose weight so many times since I had kids and fell off the wagon each time!

But here is to #OperationHotMama! 

But on a SERIOUS note!

 I have thought about writing about what got me here! 

But I saw this and thought YES!

I was broken guys! 

I really was broken! 

I am a survivor so I would keep pushing on I have 4 kids but my inner self has been hurting for some time! 

Sooooooooooo doing this really isn't about my looks really but about healing and wanting my outside to feel like my inside! 

I have worked so hard to be healthier! 

Cut out chaos and drama! 

My husband and I have worked hard to be better for our kids! 

Not repeat family curses! 

Does that make sense???

Oh well I was NEVER good with words! 

But I LOVE you guys! 

Your  kind thoughts and support over the years have kept me going! 

But lets get to what all you guys have been waiting for! 

Drummmmmmmmmmm Rollllllllllllllllll

Bust 45 down from 49!
Waist 41 down from 49!
Hips 47 down from 49!
Upper arm 14 down from 15!
Upper Leg 24 down from 25! 

I weighed in at 233 down from 250.6!

Not exactly what I was thinking it would look like today but 

pics DO NOT lie so I see the changes in the selfies! 

I will not stop!

See you in November! 

Love Jenn


  1. SO SO SO Proud of you! You look great!

  2. You look amazing!! Keep up the great determination and positive vibes!! WOW

  3. You're such an inspiration Jenn.. so proud of you and your success.

  4. Thats wonderful great job

  5. So proud of you Jenn! I understand the hard work you are putting into operation hot momma! I the past year I have lost 120 unwanted pounds. I'm here to tell you it's the hard work from the inside our that makes the difference. Keep up the good work and I'm here for you if you need a shoulder or an ear.



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