28 November 2014

Designed to Shine Giveaway!


We LOVE LOVE LOVE her pieces! 

Family run! Handmade in the USA! 

What is there not to like???

Let me share a little about Hilary.....

An artist by blood and a mommy by the grace of God, I have an eye for design and a passion for celebrating the gift of family.

My husband and I started this business in 2012 after friends asked that we'd continue our typical Christmastime jewelry-making past the holidays; that they needed gifts for Valentine's Day, for their neighbor's birthday, and every other occasion that you could imagine. We obliged, launching our shop and running it in the evenings after we got home from work and put the kiddos to bed. The feedback from customers was nothing short of amazing. After a few months of watching what God was doing through our business, we decided to take a huge leap of faith to continue following the path that was unfolding before our eyes - we left our comfortable careers and jumped in as full time jewelry designers. A very scary step from comfort to the unknown but it's clear, now, that God has led us to where He wanted us to be. We love what we do, and we love Who we do it for, and we can only hope that this is clear on this page and in our pieces. We have been so blessed to work with people from all over the world, bringing their ideas to fruition in a creative and classy, affordable and awesome way.

A little background on my designs: I have always been known for my silliness, my dedication to finding a good deal, and my absolute love for all things that glitter. I have recently been known as the recipient of three miracle gifts from God, all blonde headed and blue eyed. In the past five years, I have been through more than many experience in a lifetime. It's a combination of my lighthearted personality and my emotionally heavy experiences that you will see in every piece of my jewelry. Every piece is handmade with every ounce of my soul poured into the design. I cry over, pray over and smile over every single creation. It's this passion that makes our pieces different.

When creating, I relate to everyone that I am creating for. I put myself in the shoes of the recipient and think "what would comfort me?", "what would make me smile?", "what would my child love to wear (and not destroy)?", "what's an affordable option to today's hottest trends?"

This is why we are different than mass manufacturers, even different from other similar small jewelry businesses -- it's all about the heart of the designer. My faith tells me to find joy in all things; to glorify Him in everything I do. This business allows me to do just that! I know that God gave me struggles and tragedy and love and grace for a reason. Every time I am offered the opportunity to help one person, through my jewelry, to smile in a storm, dance in the rain, or simply feel beautiful and loved, my trials are proven worthwhile. How awesome is that?!

The mission of Designed to Shine is to help people shine through all of life's moments. We offer two categories of goodies: "In The Heart", personalized pieces that commemorate life's moments, and "On the Town", fun, flirty and funky pieces to make you shine on the town. Whether you are celebrating or healing, memorializing or encouraging, or simply wanting to feel beautiful with a little bit of sparkle, we strive to help you shine. Because, by Him, you were Designed to Shine.

Pretty Fabulous right???

Guess what she is GIVING AWAY the 

New Moon and Back Design!

A 55 PLUS dollar value! 

So easy just like her FB page and leave a comment on her FB page then comment away HERE! 

Can't wait????

Use code FORTYTOES for 20% off HERE! 

GIVEAWAY ends Dec 1st! 

PS they will be closing up shop on Monday too so they can finish up all Christmas orders in time sooooooooooo DO NOT delay and shop NOW!  


  1. I do not have facebook but I would love to enter this giveaway, if not having a facebook account will be okay!


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