02 November 2014

November #operationhotmama


What can I say???

It has been a HARD month! 

I cheated not once but a bunch of times! 

Stress was high! 

My business, kids, even some personal issues what can I say it was hard! 

What happens when I feel stress???

I eat! 

Then my mind plays tricks on me and says, 

"well you already MESSED up so keep going! You know that chocolate was good! You know you want more!

Why stop???"


So today I was scared scared out of my mind for my monthly weigh in! 

All my measurements stayed the same! 


Bust 45 down from 49!
Waist 41 down from 49!
Hips 47 down from 49!
Upper arm 14 down from 15!
Upper Leg 24 down from 25! 

But my weight changed this time! 

I weighed in at 229 down from my original 250.6!

I am down 21 pounds since July 17th! 

So 4 pounds this month! 

I could not even believe it! 

All I can think is the walking is HELPING??? 

And YES this is sooooooooooooooooo slow! 

It seems like it will take years at this rate but on a positive note I am loosing! 

I googled what 20 pounds looks like....

Brace yourself it is gross but.....

SOOOOOOOO what have I learned this month???

I lost more weight even cheating while exercising! 

I think the walking is helping! 

My girlfriend and I had a hard week we did not walk! Our weather has been soooooooooooo wet! Like pouring cats and dogs wet! 

Isn't she cute???

So we have plans to try walking the Mall this week or even thought about joining a gym! 

She is like me we don't often spend money on ourselves! 

But we are discussing our options and we might just do it! 

HUGS guys till the next check in! 

Love Jenn


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