14 January 2015

Asking for Prayers!

What a CRAZY couple of weeks! 

Truthfully what a CRAZY couple of years!

If you guys have been following you know I have been suffering in silence with HORRIBLE pain. My husband knew and my Doctor but NO ONE believed me!

Finally the new Chiropractor I had started seeing listened to me and he scheduled me for an MRI. 

I have Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia!

Long story short my brain is a size 9 in a size 8 space. It has fallen into my spinal column. Causing a cyst to form in my spinal column from the top of my neck to just past my clavicle! 

It has caused so much nerve damage and has been the cause of all my PAIN and NUMBNESS etc! 

God is GOOD.

Once the Doctors started believing me all things have happened pretty fast. 

They had planned to do the surgery days before Christmas but decided to let me enjoy the holidays.

Sooooooooo tomorrow is the day. I will be at Harborview in Seattle for 3 to 5 days. Surgery is 3 to 4 hours then I go to ICU for a day and see how things progress from there! 

Here is a link to a simple version of what they will be doing during surgery HERE! 


Here is where you all come into play! 

I ask for all the PRAYERS you guys will give me! 

Prayers for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery and back to shooting pics soon and promoting the businesses DEAR to my heart.  


PS I couldn't forget this picture! 

Mr Forty Toes and our 3 sons! 


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