29 April 2010

Evy's Tree and other things

I got one of the most wonderful items in the mail today!

I found these adorable hoodies on my friend Jenni's blog Dearlillie.com. Her cutie had this exact hoodie on in a blog post and I had to have it for Stella Marie.

The fun part is she also makes my size too and that is not always the case as a plus size mama!

Well they came today! So nicely packaged with a wonderful smell coming from the box! I took Stella Marie right outside and took some pics! She loves it and mine! She gets a kick out of us matching!

I really can not say enough about this hoodie it is just too cute. You can find it at www.evystree.etsy.com.

The designer also has a wonderful blog too. I read her post today and it just struck me right at my core! I grew up with an over achiever mom and our house was always spotless. Well I just can not do it! My house is a mess and very very cluttered. I just can not even get a handle on  the kids art that I want to save. I have good intentions but it just starts to pile every where and I mean EVERY WHERE.

Oh well there is two good reasons to check out her store and blog. She posted on her blog that she will be doing spring cleaning and posting one of a kind hoodies on her blog. So catch one if you can . They are lovely!!!!!

The other news is Stella Marie and I picked up some flowers the other day at the craft store and the clippies etc. to make flower clips. I actually made a couple last night!  It was so much fun doing something creative. Here is a pic of the one I made last night. Stella Marie was so excited. She kept saying thank you mommy. I love it!

The cute dress is from www.pishposhgirls.etsy.com and the ruffle pants are Matilda Jane!


  1. Aren't you in LOVE with these hoodies? They are an addiction of mine. I actually wore my Brilla today to Lane's surgery and I LOVE it!! Stella looks adorable in her beautiful hoodie.

    Jen, your hair flower is beautiful!

  2. Oh my word!! I'm honored to be on your blog and Stella Marie looks DARLING in her hoodie!! I'm so glad it fits and you like them both. I have to admit that I am {like Mande} addicted to the hoodies as well and wear one everyday. People ask me if I own anything else besdies hoodies. ha!

    Thank you for featuring me. I really feel so special. And oh yes, thank you for the very sweet feedback. That is so kind.

    much love! xoxo

    mande...glad you went in style girl! ha! :) love to you as well! xoxo


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