30 April 2010


I can not say enough about this wonderful photographer that I am so lucky to call friend. I met her less than a year ago. She took the most beautiful pic of Stella Marie I have ever seen.

 I had gotten her name from a friend who had the best newborn pics in the world. I was having our fourth and last baby Ronald Capshaw. I wanted to capture every bit of the magic that happens with a newborn.  Willow came to our house and took just beautiful pics that will forever remind me of those first couple of weeks that Ronald joined our family and made us complete!

Needless to say at the first meeting she felt like a part of the fam. The kids adore her and I just think she is cool. I used to be cool once. Willow reminds me of those days. She loves hip clothes, has a great hair cut that she is always playing with and has a creative job that she loves.

She inspired me to do the blog, she inspires me to be creative and has helped me so much with taking pics. She is a giver. She has no problem helping me with learning about photography which is rare.  Most people that are so talented are not so giving and free with their gift.

I am so lucky to have met her. She not only takes the best pics she is unbelievably kind. She came by today spent three hours helping me understand photo shop and went over my camera settings.

I can not say enough about how thankful I am.
Love you Willow

Here is the link to the newest pics she has taken of Ronald & Stella Marie www.willowsphotography.com/ronniewiggins1/index.html.


  1. I LOVE the first picture of Stella!! She is head to toe couture. Love it!! Stunning photos!!

  2. omg, touched my heart, i love you too!! :) way to make my day with your words!

  3. Amazing! p.s. you are STILL cool...look at Stella & her glam wardrobe..definately a sign of a really cool mom :)

  4. Your forty toes are the cutest!

    I found you by way of a few other mommies that follow your blog and I LOVE your style for your kids! I am a new follower!

    My little Lola NEEDS that top dress/shirt, although somehow your daughter I think makes it so beautiful!

  5. Jenni I have seen you around too! The top out fit comes from Esandeskids.etsy.com and the flower from the wonderful Dearlillie. DO you like your dress????? I love Dearlillie. I can not wait for their new giveaway!!!! Thanks for becoming a follower!


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