25 April 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Sixty years ago today my Mom was born. They do not make moms like mine anymore. She took raising a family very seriously. She had me at 20 years of age. My sister and I were (are) her everything. Although she always had side jobs, her main job was being a stay at home mom. She made the best meals, kept the cleanest house, always had our friends over, volunteered for everything at school, always made sure our teachers had gifts, bought us anything we wanted, sewed the cutest clothes, taxied us to every sport or dance, made the best nurse ( still to this day I want my Mom when I am sick)  and constantly told us to go to college and not be like her.

The funny part is my mom wanted us to be anything other than like her. My sister and I both went to college and could of had any jobs we wanted and Mom we choose to be just like you. We valued what you gave us. We valued your hard work as a stay at home mom. I know we don't tell you that enough.  Although I feel like I fall short of your standard everyday, I strive to provide my children what you gave me and that was everything you possibly could. I am forever thankful!!! Happy Birthday MOM! I love you!

Notes: My top is from the wonderful Dearlillie. http://www.dearlillie.com/, Stella Marie's clothes from http://www.edensbouquet.com/.


  1. This is so beautiful....Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  2. All three of you are so gorgeous and this is such a beautiful post and testament to your mother! Happy birthday to her!


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