24 April 2010

Eden's Bouquet

After having my third child, Stella Marie I found myself in over my head. I didn't get out much at that point. I had a 3 year old, 18 month old and a new baby. I basically just gated us up in the basement and let them play around me while I searched on the computer. While searching one day I came across this wonderful blog Eden's Bouquet http://www.edensbouquet.com/. The designer Jennifer had only 8 children at the time but I was amazed by this woman. I could barely get us all dressed, fed and she was raising eight children and running a business.  I was addicted. I would read her blog daily and sometimes more. By reading her blog you feel like you are part of the family. She mostly keeps it light but she has also talked about postpartum and other hard subjects too! I just really love her and I have never actually met her!

 Not only does she have a blog but she makes the most beautiful clothes you have ever seen.  I love dressing Stella Marie in them. Granted they are not cheap but they are worth every penny! I have kept everything I have purchased over the years and placed them in my hope chest for Stella Marie so that someday she can use them for her own little girl!

While reading her blog I would click on the people who would leave comments on her blog and from there I discovered Etsy. I believe the first person I discovered on Etsy was Angie the designer of Prettyme http://www.prettyme.etsy.com/! I  purchased a dress and the rest is history. Although many of you that have seen pics of Stella Marie in her beautiful clothes may find it shallow for me, it was something that I was able to connect to as a stay at home mom. I admire these women for having jobs that allow them to stay at home with their children. I started making friends with the designers and reading their blogs and getting to know their families and they started to know mine as well . All of this being done without me ever leaving my home which can be difficult for me with three and now four children.

I had no idea I would be taking pictures of Stella Marie modeling clothes or that all the kids would be modeling for Etsy sellers. But that goes to show you that you never know where life will take you! Life is a journey that I am so glad to be taking with a wonderful husband and four beautiful children.

Note: All the beautiful flowers in Stella Marie's hair  and tutu come from Dearlillie.http://www.dearlillie.com/ . The top in the second pic comes from Sweet Plume http://www.sweetplume.etsy.com/ Everything else is from the beautiful Eden's Bouquet!


  1. Love this post! I am addicted to Eden's Bouquet too. Jennifer is a sweetheart. Lane has the adorable ruffle bloomers. Since having my daughter I love to dress her up. I only have one so I tend to be a little over the top sometimes....nothing wrong with it at all. :)

    Like you I am home with my kids and Etsy has helped me discover a whole new world of incredible stay at home mama's.
    LOVE the hair flowers Stella is wearing in these pictures. Jenni at Dear Lillie is so cool. I cannot wait to buy flowers for Lane- when she grows a little more hair. LOL
    Going to check out Pretty Me. Sounds like a great shop.

  2. My two favorite blogs are The Chronicles of Windy Ridge and Mia Joie's! The Eden's Bouquet one was the very first blog I read and I was like you - completely in awe of how in the world Jennifer does everything that she does and how incredibly gorgeous everything she does is!

  3. Haha - and I am with both of you! I know people make fun of how I dress Lillie up so much but it is just so much fun, isn't it!!!


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