23 April 2010


This blog thing is much harder than it looks. I have tried to photoshop pics to post and for some reason they do not up load. I have so much still to figure out with this blog thing.

I love ZOZOBUGBABY.etsy.com ! I discovered this artsy clothes store last year. She was having a sale and I was afraid to leave my computer so that I didn't miss a cute outfit and a great deal. Since then I have been hooked. Julie the owner is so real! She is like a friend you have known since childhood. She is constantly helpful. Always responding to her email etc. I emailed her in March when we were headed to Oregon for the kids spring break and she emails back saying I want to meet you and photograph Stella Marie. This is like meeting a real life artist to me. She wants to meet me and take pics of my girl in her clothes. Needless to say I was excited. She made Stella Marie the prettiest red dress pictured above and Stella Marie is in her store right now with this gorgeous dress. I was so proud of my baby girl.Because of Julie I have had other Esty sellers contacting me to have Stella Marie model for them as well. I am forever thankful to Julie for being so kind and helpful to me on so many levels.

She does trunk shows too. Kinda like the tupperware parties of our mom's generation but just cooler. I had planned to do one but backed out because I had a new baby but I plan to do a Zozobugbaby trunk show. So you never know you might find yourself being invited to a Zozobugbaby trunk show in the near future.

I get this email this week saying can she come to Tacoma and take pics of Stella Marie and the boys for her Fall line. I was like are you serious. Tell me when and where we are there! The Wiggins family loves Zozobugbaby! You can follow Zozobugbaby on facebook and get the latest info on her wonderful store.


  1. I think she and I are going to do a trade sometime soon and I want the Stella dress so badly!

    Stella Marie is quite the little model! Almost every item she wears I end up wanting to buy for Lillie - right down to the cowboy boots! Haha!

  2. Jenni you are so sweet! Did you recognize your flower on the Alice dress????

  3. Oh my goodness, Stella is such a gorgeous little girl!! Love the Stella dress. Lane is almost in 18 month clothing- may have to order one of those for her. :)

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