27 May 2010

Another resale.

As of June 2nd the items available have a paypal button inderneath them.

I have this set from Love Hazel. Plus a pair of her denim ruffle pants.

They are around a size 4/5 I would say. The waists for both the pink and denim pants I think are around  21 inches.

The top is a good 4/5.

All three pieces retail for 69 dollars.

Lets say 35 dollars for all three pieces with shipping included.


Here are a pair of ruffle pants from Dress Rehersal.

They retail for 22. How about 10 dollars that includes shipping.

These too have a 21 inch waist I would say.



I have this skirt from Dress Rehersal too but mine has a apron on the front.

This skirt retails 22 dollars.

Lets say 10 and that includes shipping.

This one is brand new from my fav Zozobugbaby.

It is a size 6.

Lets say 10 and shipping is included.


Lastly these are from Shanny Girl and are a 21 inch waist.

They retail for 15.

Lets say 10 and that includes shipping.


This is fun.

If you have any questions please email me at jennmanderson@yahoo.com. Nothing is in stone. I am willing to take best offer or trade is fun too for all you cool etsy stores.


  1. Jenn, If you ever have any more of Fleur L'enfant let me know!! I LOVE the outfit Stella Marie has on in the pic with the ruffle skirt:)

  2. Oh my! I am dying here! I wish this was our sizes!!!

  3. Prencie I have one of her most sought after designs that I am soooooo sad to say Stella Marie says she will not wear because it is itchy but it is not itchy. It is a custom size 5 I would say. I am still deciding if I should do a give-away for it or what because I paid so much for it and it has only been tried on two or three times and then taken right off. My idea was to have it as a giveaway when I post pics from her photo shoot. Fleur L'enfant wants me to photograph some of their new stuff. HOw cool is that. So I will let you know.

  4. Awesome!!! Trust me, I've gotten the same complaints from Princeton about things that ARE NOT itchy! :) Can't wait to see pics:)

  5. I also like the white ruffle pants...need to measure Paris. Also the top at the very top...if no one buys as an outfit I would be willing to buy just the top and try it as a dress for Paris:) Let me know:)

  6. Ohh! Same with the fleur top in the pic stella is wearing!! Would love that too as a dress if your selling....down the road:) Just know I'm interested!!:)

  7. Prencie I will just send the white pants because I stillowed you money!!! I will let you know on the rest.

  8. I still have the Zozobugbaby skirt, Dressrehersal pants and skirt left.

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