27 May 2010

More Resales

These pants come from Sweet Cheeks Retro Designs. I only have the pants left. The top got worn alot. The pants are brand new with tags. Stella Marie never wore them because I did not know to tell the seller her inseam so these were never cut off.

They are a size 4t.

Mine do not have the extra jean ruffle that is shown in the pic. Mine just have a straight across jean with the red and white ruffle.

I paid 49 for the set. Let's say 15 for the pants and that includes shipping or best offer.

Pants only.

These pants were never worn because Stella Marie could not get her bottom in them.

They are a size 4 with an inseam of 12.

They come from Im Born Again. I paid 29.99 for them. How about 15 dollars and that includes shipping or best offer.

I love these pants. They are a size 5 Gap jeans with an inseam of 11. They are too small too for Stella Marie. The flowers on our pants are pink.

These come from Lil Pink Chicken. The set retailed for 69. So how about 15 for the pants and that includes shipping.

I have both of these dresses from Little Pretties.

They are for a size 3/4.

They were 20 a piece. Let's say 20 for both and that includes shipping.


Lastly I have this knot dress and a pair of ruffle pants. Stella Marie was not able to wear because it was too small. The set comes from Pink Sugar Girls Clothing.

I would say they are for a 24 month old.

The dress was 12 dollars. Since this set includes a pair of ruffle pants too lets say 15 dollars and that includes shipping.

Any questions just email me at jennmanderson@yahoo.com.


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