18 May 2010

Dear Lillie GIVE-AWAY!

I still can not believe that Dear Lillie let Stella Marie model for their store! Their act of kindness has brought so much joy to my life.

I am forever thankful!

They are having another give-away! They really truly are givers I tell ya!!! Right now they are running another give away for not only a dress but the second place winner gets a shirt too!
I can not wait to photograph Stella Marie in their new mommy/daughter shirts!

They are just so pretty!!! We love Dear Lillie!


  1. You have quite the model there Jennifer:) Stella always looks so beautiful!!! It's probable a combination of your pictures and her beauty ;)

    It's funny, you're the only one that changes their blog background as much as I do!!lol!!:) I LOVE changing mine....I was going to tonight but started doing other arty phartsy stuff and now I don't have time:) Now off to bed...have a good night:)

  2. I love looking at pictures of Stella Marie! I just shipped out your mommy and me hot pink and spotted black shirts this morning. (Still waiting on the slate color to come in for the other tank). I can't wait to see pics of them!!!!


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