19 May 2010

Sparkle Your Kids and ZozoBugBaby

I ordered the cutest hair clip from Sparkle Your Kids! Meredith not only sent the black and white one but a red one with it. She said just take pics. I was so excited. I can do that I thought!!!

This really truly is so much fun. I got a request for pics from one of my favs Amazing Gracie too. How awesome is that. She has her own in house gorgeous daughter Avary so I was so humbled at her request to use my pics.

I also got an email from Jessie Girl Clothing to see if Stella Marie would model for her clothes. I was really excited about this opportunity because I noticed her a while ago because she uses models of color. I just love to see when girls like mine get to model.

Stella Marie is wearing her new OOAK from ZozoBugBaby creation! Julie makes such different clothes.

I was thinking I might even start reselling some of Stella Marie's clothes. I have such a hard time parting but I keep getting requests so I might just to it.

I also thought I might do a give-away of my own. I was thinking a Zozobugbaby pattern creation by me and Julie from Zozobugbaby even said she would throw in a free pattern too. How cool is that!

So keep coming back big things are happening at Forty Toes! Hee Hee!!


  1. Man, Stella is one stylin' kid!!! So freakin cute:)

  2. So cute Jenn! Hey I've been meaning to ask you if I can use that pic of Stella Marie in her hoodie in the shop? Let me know...if so, maybe you could email a watermarked one to me @ evystree@gmail.com

    Thanks a million!! xoxo

  3. Jenn, WOW!! So many awesome things happening for you & Stella! She is such a beauty!! Love her outfit in these pics. Beautiful!!

  4. Can't wait for your giveaway! And I agree with Prencie, Stella is indeed one stylin' kid!


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