26 May 2010

Dear Lillie & Two Monkeys Designs

Love Love Love Dear Lillie!!!!! They make the cutest mommy/daughter tops. They look great going to church, dressed down with jeans or with your favorite tutu.

Stella Marie went crazy when I said we were going to take pics in this petti. It is from Two Monkey Designs. I actually turned it inside out for the pics above. It is sooooo full which is not always the case with pettis and it was such a great price.


Maybe it is the country girl in me but I love this t-shirt. It is adorable. I am thinking my niece needs one. She is a big horse girl.

Don't forget Dear Lillie is running a give-away for one of their beautiful dresses. I am hoping to win but you can enter too and always send it to me if you win!!!!!


  1. Love these pictures Jenn! The Dear Lillie top & those pettiskirts are gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Jenn! And I LOVE the pettiskirts!

  3. love these pictures!! so cute! Stella Marie is just such a little model!!

  4. agreeing with amy, she is the perfect little model for all of these clothes!

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