25 May 2010

Jessie Girl Clothing

I had not ordered from Jessie Girl Clothing yet but I had noticed that they use gorgeous girls of color to model their beautiful clothes.

I had them as one of my favorites on etsy.

The other day I get an email asking if I would photograph Stella Marie for their store. I was sooo happy to be asked.

I got the outfit on Monday and could not wait to photograph Stella Marie in her Frida set.

The clothes are very nicely made and she is a high school teacher and wants her clothes to reflect all little girls. How cool is that.

I sent the owner a couple of the pics and she says she is happy. I am just sooo happy too.

You guys are probably getting so sick of hearing how happy I am but I just have not had anything in my life other than kids and this has just been so fun to do.

Don't forget about my give-away in a couple posts down and I can't wait to post some pics of Dearlillie and Two Monkey Designs. Stella Marie was into the pics today.


  1. Jennifer,
    Don't ever apologize for being happy doing what you love! It is delightful for mom to hear the joy in your voice.
    I am so proud of you and p.s. Stella IS lovely!
    Love, Mom

  2. Listen to your Mom, Jenn! Haha! She is right! Do NOT apologize! You can tell how happy you and your family are and that is such a beautiful thing!

    Love these pics! The skirt is adorable and as always Stella Marie is a doll! I especially love the color you got in that first photograph!

  3. The pics are fabulous - you really bring a beautiful spirit and warmth to you pictures! Thanks again!

  4. Good job, Jenn! And yes, I agree...don't apologize. I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I look at my life and wonder where in the world it has gone?! When I create a hoodie and people like it and it looks good, for one moment I feel like the "old" Amy. Not that I would prefer that old Amy, but it's nice to feel like she is still there. :)

    Good job, the pictures are stunning! Especially that last one! xoxo

  5. Jenn! Love these pics, & the outfit is so cute! Great job! You should never apologize for being happy. I think it is wonderful you have found your passion and love every minute of it. I love reading every minute of it. :) xo

    I saw your amazing pics from the new photo shoot too, and I am loving the Dear Lillie top.


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