02 May 2010

Dear Lillie GIVE-AWAY!

I can not say enough about this store! I have gotten to know them over the past year. They are a family run business and are very family focused. Dear Lillie is one of the first stores that trusted me with their flowers  to take pictures for their store. I was soooo excited. 

I needed a tutu for a photo shoot within a couple of days and they did it for me. When Stella Marie was sick with  an ear infection after ear infection not only did Jennifer keep checking in on Stella Marie but she sent her a get well flower and lovely card via her mom! She has given me inspiration to take photos and is always sending me heart felt comments.  She wrote the sweetest blog post about our family too. I am so lucky to have this family in my life. Once again it may seem funny to have friends you have never really met but truly I have felt so uplifted from this family and I am forever thankful!

They are having a Big Give-Away on their blog Dear Lillie. You could win a 100 dollar gift certificate to their beautiful store. They are in the process of adding new items that I just can not wait to get.  Mother/daughter tops. How sweet are these???

Please go check out the give-away and enter before May 15th. They are just wonderful. Everything they make is just gorgeous and takes just days to get. They package everything so nice with tags so gift giving is easy.

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  1. Hey Jenn! You are so sweet! Just wanted to check in and let you know I haven't forgotten about getting back to you about Willow's pictures I am just soooo behind on everything! Ahhhhh! Hope you are all doing well! Talk to you soon!


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