04 May 2010

Forty Toes Photography

Can you believe I took these pics?????? I know I have been talking about doing something creative and I think I have found it. I have had soooo many people supporting me over the past couple of months giving me such praise and love.

My husband bought me this camera when I was pregnant for Ronnie. I can not believe how much hope and fun it has brought into my life. Willow after she took the last pics of Stella Marie & Ronnie  she told me I should start a blog , start taking pics , and be a stylist.

Jenni from Dearlillie.com was the first person to trust me with her flowers and have me photograph them for her store. 

Karin from Lilsproutsclothing was the first person to put Stella Marie in their store and those pics were just basic in my front room but I just was lite up with excitement from all the possibilities!

The topper on the cake was meeting Julie from Zozobugbaby and her taking pics of Stella Marie, naming a dress after her and putting her in her store.

A big thank you goes to Carrie of Mainstreetbowtique, she helped me a complete stranger for two days figure out my computer when it comes to photo shop!

I am just so happy with the possibilities of where this may take me. Thanks to each and everyone of you for all of your encouragement and support.

I am just soooo happy to have a dream!!!!!

I just love how these pics turned out! I used actions from paint the moon.  The beautiful flower and top comes from Fleur L' enfant.  The skirt is from the wonderful Eden's Bouquet.


  1. Your doing a fabulous job and of course she makes for such a pretty model, love her outfit and that flower in her hair <3 I wish I could find someone to help me use my camera better, maybe someday my wish will come true and I can be in a similar place as you. Best of luck, looks like your off to a great start.

  2. You are truly Blessed with a gift! GREAT work!!! simply beautiful!
    Many Blessings!

  3. You rock the camera Jenn!! Your pictures are beautiful, and it helps you have such a stunning little model to photograph. She looks like she enjoys being photographed, which helps so much. I love photography & it is a dream of mine to take photography to the next level. So excited to see you live out yours!!!

  4. AMAZING pics, Jenn!!! I am so excited for you to have found a new passion in life!!!!

  5. Great pictures! Love that top one especially!

  6. Yes, I love the one on top too!! Darling!! Good job, I'm super impressed! What kind of camera do you have? I need to get a new one. I know Jenni {above} likes Nikon. :)

  7. Amy I am using just a Nikon D40? It is just a basic lense camera but I am going to keep practicing. I got another request to photograph three outfits and then I get to keep the clothes when I am done with the pics. This is soooo cool. I will practice on the boys too once school is out! Right now it is just having fun with Etsy sellers but maybe I will get good at it!!!! LOL!!!!

  8. You truly do have a gift, Jenn! (Plus your kids are gorgeous!)

  9. Hi Jennifer! I LOVE the outfit Stella is wearing in the first pic!!! I totally have this thing for ruffles!!! *drool* Very nice pics!!!


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