11 May 2010

Sweet Plume

I love Sweet Plume!  The amazing part about Sweet Plume is the designer Brittany! She makes gorgeous clothes for boys and girls but the amazing part to me is how fast she can make her beautiful custom designs. I ordered this set on a Saturday and got the entire set the next Saturday. Can you believe it??? Everything was custom to fit Stella Marie and she had it to me that fast.

She sells her clothes all over the world. She is a mom to two adorable kids and she makes the prettiest clothes you have ever seen. I love buying from Brittany for so many reasons. Her sewing is quality, her ability to get you your order within days is the best,  and the packaging is so fun to get in the mail.

She also makes great stuff for moms and  brothers. I just love Sweet Plume.


  1. Love her work!! Lane has that sweet Lace pettiskirt. Stella looks adorable in her clothes.

  2. I LOVE Sweet Plumes clothes also!! She has this birdie dress I want to get for Paris...once i'm allowed to buy clothes for her once again;) Stella looks gorgeous!!

  3. Aww Jenn .. you are too sweet! I am so honored to be on your blog :) Stella Marie is just GORGEOUS as always!!

  4. she is a beauty! and her little cowgirl boots with that dress is so cute!

    i promise to email you asap! i was super busy at school today, i didn't forget, i just didn't get a chance!

    talk soon!

  5. ok, just emailed you a lil bit ago! hope i was helpful, i felt more like i was rambling!

  6. Oh my goodness! I LOVE Sweet Plume too! Their plume dress in blush was the first dress I bought for Lillie on Etsy over a year ago! I got her another one of their dresses a few weeks ago. I would buy one of EVERYTHING but I am pretty much banned right now from buying her anything more. They are seriously the most beautifully sewn garments I have ever seen and her packaging is so exquisite!


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