14 May 2010

My husband (Daddy)

I adore my husband. We have been married for 10 plus years. He really truly is the best Dad in the world. I never thought much about what I wanted in a husband but I knew what I wanted in a Dad for my children. He has met every bit of those wishes and then some.

Our children just love him so much. You can see that they feel so much love from him as well. They can get him to do anything and I mean anything. All they have to do is ask. I don't think I know of a time he has ever turned them down.  I have asked him why he doesn't take a break on the weekends  he always answers the same , "this is what I am here for." We have even renamed the weekends Daderdays.

Thursday he took all four kids to the beach and they were sooo happy. As I tried to read books to Stella Marie before bed she kept saying, " I love Daddy. This was a fun day."

Our baby Ronnie has discovered Daddy too. He waves his arms when he gets home from work and at night he wants him to cuddle him up for bed. This picture was taken right after he had nursed got down and crawled over to Daddy.

Thank you Lord for sending a wonderful father to my children. It has brought me healing in a way that I could never express!!!!


  1. Jenn, this is such a beautiful post. You have such a beautiful and blessed family.
    This picture is so precious. xo

  2. How sweet! There is nothing sweeter than seeing a daddy with their children...

  3. That picture is just perfect. I love it. Isn't it wonderful to have a good husband? We are blessed! :) xoxo

  4. Such a beautiful post and a beautiful photo! What an amazing husband and father!


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