15 May 2010

Tea Party & Grammie

Today was one of those I love being a mommy days! We got up early and went down town to the local toy store that was hosting a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. It was so sweet. Stella Marie was so excited. She kept thinking we were going to her birthday party and that there was going to be presents. Her birthday is not until August but she talks about it daily.

Then we came home after our tea to wait for Grammie. Stella Marie was so excited. I have had this sewing machine for some time. It was given to me by a lady at church that does not use it. I have not sewn since I was in school and in 4H.
Well my mom came up to remind me a few things about sewing and she made Stella Marie a dress in the process. It just had to be purple. Stella Marie just loved every minute of her time one on one with Grammie. Daddy had taken the boys so we could have a girly day!It was just a wonderful day!!!

 Note: The cute tutu dress comes from So Chic Baby Boutique and the tights are from one of my favs Amazing Gracie. The purple dress is a Grammie special!


  1. purple dress is AWESOME!! Maybe you should start making those? :)

    And your photos are great. I love them. Very beautiful! xoxo

  2. Wow! Grandma's dress is gorgeous! The 1st photo is so beautiful. Looks like Stella had a blast at her Fancy Nancy tea party!! xo

  3. what a beauty! LOVE that last picture!


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