20 May 2010

ZozoBugBaby Patterns

These pics are not the best but I was so excited to post what I did last night! It is raining so we just went to the backyard for a quick quick few pics!

 Stella Marie picked the fabric and I made the dress. I know it is not perfect. It's a little long and all but this really is fun and sooooo easy.

It took maybe a hour and a half. The part I love is that there is  not a paper pattern to have to cut out first and then pin to fabric and then cut fabric etc. It is just measure and cut. Very Very Easy!

My friend Sarah asked if I had a sewing background. I would not say sewing 25 plus years ago for 4H is sewing experience. It was soooooo many years ago. Hee Hee!!!!

I really think if you know how to thread your machine you are good.

Next I am going to make Zozobugbaby's skirt pattern! Watch out Etsy!!!! Let me know which one I should do as a giveaway!!!


  1. Ooooh girl! I may have to open that sewing machine box! That Georgia dress pattern is so pretty too! I'll let you know what I decide! As for a giveaway! I say it is a win win situation, a dress would be nice though because Breck tends to pull skirts up like a shirt....

  2. You rock! Love these pics and this dress is so cute. The eyelet hem is such a sweet touch. Cannot wait to see what you post for a giveaway. I think m favorite pattern from her shop is the little ruffle front dress/top you posted the other day- so cute and versatile. I loved it!! xo

  3. You and Stella Marie make quite the team! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am such a sucker for anything with zebra print! Love the pics too!


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