23 June 2010

Dearlillie Giveaway, Fleur L'enfant Giveaway and the water park!

My favorite store Dear Lillie is having a giveaway on their blog!

I was so excited to get their slate tank top in the mail. I have a slate shirt too so we match but it also matches perfect with this skirt from a gorgeous store called Dream Spun Kids.

You may even see versions of this skirt in my store because I bought her pattern.

Oh ya do you like the new watermark from Carrie at Main Street Bowtique?

She is just the nicest person. I can not say how many times she has helped me out!

The other day I took pics for Fleur L'enfant. Who is also having a giveaway on her blog.

I was sooo excited that I did not even notice until I got home that I had not gotten any pics of the gorgeous stone in the flower on the dress so I headed out to take a couple more today with the clothes above.

It took maybe 15 minutes and I got the best pics I think I have ever taken.

We then headed to the water park.

This is going to be the best summer yet as a MOM I just know it!


  1. Great pictures!! Love the Fleur L'Enfant pics, and the water park looked like a fun time. xo

  2. Look at your little man {Ronald}! Tee hee, Jenn, you make beautiful babies;) Henry is sooooo handsome!! I can't get over it! How old is he? Hmmmm, maybe to old for Paris;) Lol! Miss Stella looks fabulous in her yellow bathing suit!! Love these pics!!!

  3. Oh how we love the splash pad!

    Looks like everyone was having a blast!

  4. I agree with Prencie! Your kids are gorgeous! I want to betroth Lillie to one of your boys! Haha! LOVE Stella Marie's bathing suit!

  5. So cute!!! Now off to check out these giveaways you speak of!!!


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