22 June 2010


I discovered her when I first started buying clothes for Stella Marie on Etsy.

Well many outfits and baby blankets later I was in love.

She is an amazing seamstress.

Her clothes are made sooo well and everything I have ever ordered has been worn thrown in the wash and still looks brand new.

I love using her stuff as gifts because they always come so nicely packaged.

She is sooo fast too. She gets everything out within a week or so.

She contacted me about taking pics for her. I could not believe it.

I know you all keep hearing me say this but I can not believe people are trusting me to take pics of their product.

I am sooo honored. I just can not express it enough.

I got this in the mail last week too. It is sooo pretty.

The colors are just sooo bright and cheery.

Plus I learn so much from her. She did this from a tank top. I consider myself an Etsy expert and I have never seen anyone do this kind of ruffle to a tank top.

It is adorable.

Her store is on vacation but will be reopening soon.

She gave me the okay to share a couple pics.

Hugs Jenn!

Oh ya I almost forgot. I added my first listing to Etsy.

I can not even believe it!


  1. beautiful dress! i love the colors!

    congratulations on adding your first etsy listing!!! i am off to check it out!

  2. Okay, that dress is ADORABLE!!!!! And congrats on your first listing!

  3. I love that dress!! so cute!! And congrats on being asked to take pictures AND your first listing! That is awesome! I'm going on over to like your shop right now. xoxo

  4. Hey Jenn, Still out of town, but thanks for the posting the pics. Stella Marie looks beautiful, the pics are awesome!!! :)

  5. Oh... and.. believe in yourself... you're on you way! :)

  6. Aww thanks guys for the kind words and Ingrid this dress rocks!

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  8. LOVE this Ingrid B dress!! Love it! Oh & how funny someone bought my custom listing. Really?? Thank you for re-listing the top Jenn. I am still laughing about that one. Thanks for being so wonderful and I am so excited for your shop opening!!! xo


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