21 June 2010

Fleur L'enfant

I woke up today sooo excited that it was not raining.

It seems like it has been raining 40 days and 40 nights around here and it is summer. Depressing!

Anyone that knows Washington knows we are all for the rain because that is what gives us that gorgeous state we live in but this much rain in June is just too much.

I digressed! I woke up and was soooo happy to be able to get outside and take pics!!!!

Last week I got these unbelievable outfits from Fleur L'enfant to photograph.

I had to pinch myself. Fleur L'enfant was one of my first Etsy purchases for Miss Stella Marie and now the designer is asking me to take pics for her.

I was sooo nervous but I just got the thumbs up! She says she likes them and that I can share a few. She will have them listed in her shop in the next 24 hours. YAY!

Everything is soooo pretty guys! Lots of girliness!

But as always everything is made so well and will last!

I was telling my Mom about how it went and she thought you all would enjoy hearing the process.

Well after getting us all out the door with all the clothes flowers etc. The oldest decides he has to go to the bathroom and of course the other two follow. We head home everyone gets out goes  to the bathroom then we pile back in again off to the park.

We get there start taking pics and Miss Stella Marie who is potty training decides she needs to go number two. We are no where near the potty and she is in the all white outfit. So off to find a potty.

At this point I am questioning why did I decide to start the training thing. (Thanks Amy.) You got me inspired.

Then we get back to picture taking boys are waiting in the car screaming and yelling in the background.

She decides she doesn't want to take pics. I was like oh yes we are. It is not raining and we are taking pics. So I decide to make-up a story about a fairy that lives in the park. I kept saying I think the fairy lives over there Miss. Stella Marie lets go see and she would say no mom there is no fairy...

I felt like a stage MOM!

What have I turned into.

Hey don't judge you too would be making things up if you could get clothes like this...

Did I say they are gorgeous!

Thanks Andrea for being so kind to me and letting me shoot your gorgeous clothes!!!!

I am forever thankful!!!!!


  1. Yay! Finally! I've been waiting forever, can't wait to see the rest of her collection!:) I love these pics Jenn!!! Did Miss Stella find any fairies?;)

  2. Haha! I love hearing the ordeal it was to take the pictures! I was just writing a post myself and didn't go into detail, but I had one of those days a few weeks ago with Lillie. I was coming up with every bribe under the sun to try to get her to cooperate and she refused - I totally felt like a stage mom and thought the same thing - what have I turned into - haha! On another note - the pictures are gorgeous! I especially LOVE that first outfit! Once my hubby lifts my shopping ban I may have to get it! It is sooooo beautiful!!!

  3. The clothes are adorable but SHE is SO gorgeous!! It doesnt matter who she's wearing!

  4. Thanks for the inspirational comment on my blog :) it means alot & gives me hope! haha I had to laugh at the story you made up..I too do the same thing except mine is usually something like Lily I think there is a little man in the wall or I hear animals in that barn you should peek through the cracks hahaha

  5. great pictures! sounds like you had to work incredibly hard for them, which makes them that much more special!

  6. Love this post!! I am cracking up at what we put ourselves through for photographs of the kiddos. I was taking pictures of Lane for a friend of mine on Etsy a few months back, and Lane wanted no part in it. I looked ridiculous singing songs, and jumping up and down....finally some smiles & a little cooperation....may have to steal the fairies in the park the next time we go...
    LOVE Fleur L'enfant. Thank you for sharing Andrea's beautiful clothes with us. She is a sweetheart!! xo

  7. Love her in that white dress! Gorgeous! I might need that for my Isabella. I tried last year to get pics of my kids (4,2 6 mo.) for Christmas cards b/c we waited too late and everyone was booked. Yikes!! What. A. Nightmare! I admire you and Jenni so much, you ladies are great photographers!!! Nice job!

  8. That is funny! Love these pictures and one more etsy store to follow!!! HA HA!

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