08 June 2010

I made this and Princy n Paris!

It was sunny today YAY!!!! That seems so rare these days!

I made this top a while ago after the dress from a Zozobugbaby pattern.

It did not turn out perfect because I was messing with her pattern but I just love these fabrics.

 I have this great stash of fabrics that I have been collecting for sometime now!

The flower in her hair comes from my favorite Dear Lillie.

I also had fun taking pics of one of my new favorite stores Princy n Paris.

This hair clip is sooo pretty for Stella Marie and I can't wait to use it too. It has not only a hair clip attached but a pin so it could be worn as a brooch.

LOVE it!

This one too is one that will be shared between the both of us.

I really hope the sun stays.!!!! It feels so good!


  1. Beautiful Jenn!!! Cannot wait to see more of your work. Love the P-n-P pretties too!

  2. Cute top Jenn!! I need to learn how sew already!!! Stella Marie is just too cute!! Thank you ever so much for the shout out;)!!! hee hee:) You're the best!

  3. My goodness Jenn, you are cranking the designs out....I love all your fabric choices. You are a great little designer!

  4. Your flowers are as lovely as your model sweetheart.

  5. Love it! You are getting to be such a fabulous seamstress, Jenn! And I LOVE Prencie's pieces too! I especially love that black one! Gorgeous!


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