07 June 2010

Dear Lillie & my MOM!

I am sooo excited for the Dear Lillie give-away on June 20th.

You get an extra entry for each fan photo you enter so today I dropped the boys off and headed off to take pics.

I post stuff about Dear Lillie it seems like daily because I LOVE them and their store right???

Well my Mom sees the clutch and she wants to enter.

My mom is not computer savy to say the least.

I spent most of my day trying to help her out with FB and how to post comments etc. I am soooo sorry Jenni. She has comments all over your blog.

It will be just my luck she will win and get that clutch.

I have a couple surprises too.

 I can't wait to share!

 I think I will be able to share tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha about your mom, maybe she will just give it to you if she wins but hopefully I will win it...LOL! I love those pictures, I must get my girls a tutu from Dear Lillie already <3

  2. So cute about your mom!

    I love your little Stella! She is so photogenic! I also LOVE her boots! They go with just about all of her outfits huh? I think Lola needs a pair!

  3. LOVE these pictures & that tutu!! Love your posts Jenn! Seriously, those boots are so cool!! NEED a pair for Lane & me. hehe

  4. I agree, that is too cute about your mom! Determined to win herself a Dear Lillie clutch!! I hope she wins it!!;p She'll be hooked! Like the rest of us, hee hee :)

    Gorgeous little Miss Stella and her beautiful tutu!! I love her new haircut! Her curls are gorgeous!

    So, does this surprise have anything to do with a certain boutique??? Hmmm???:) lol! Can't wait!

  5. Haha! I will start sifting through trying to find them! It would be so funny if she ends up winning!

    I LOVE these photos. When I catch back up with stuff I would DEFINITELY love for you to send me some to use on the site!

  6. I love you Jenny Marie. (there now don't you feel bad...:)) Love Mother (not motha)



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