28 June 2010

Pretty In Pink!

The newest creation from Forty Toes is called Pretty in Pink!

I will be able to make two more of these sets.

I LOVE this Japanese fabric.

The pattern is from my favorite Zozobugbaby!

The cute hair clip can be worn in the hair or on the top/dress!

The combo came to me when  Amanda asked for a pink or green hair clip to match a MJ and I thought how about combining the colors.

I think it looks great.

I will be listing the two piece set in the shop today!

I also sent off my first Forty Toes creations today!

I am nervous but also very excited for everyone to get their clothes

Don't forget to enter the giveaway below to win a Fleur L'enfant outfit!

It is gorgeous!

I will pick a winner on July 4th!

The gorgeous tights are from one of my favs Amazing Gracie.


  1. Love the color combos!

    Congrats on your first mailings!

  2. Jenn, love this set!! YAY!! So excited about your 1st orders!! ;) Cannot wait!

  3. Thanks guys!!!! Mande I hope you like yours!!!

  4. I am lovin' that set, I have loved everything you have made so far. Will you be making fall clothing soon? I am trying to resist buying any more summer stuff since we have plenty but I am in full shop mode for fall...ha ha! Great job and as always beautiful model <3

  5. I LOVE this Jenn!! Good job! So darling...and super proud of your creative skills. It's fun, isn't it? xoxo

  6. So pretty Jenn! You are doing great!!!

  7. Gorgeous Jenn! And congrats on sending our your first orders! Also, if it EVER cools down here I will send you some pics of Lillie in the outfit you sent!

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