30 June 2010

Pretty in Yellow and Pics of the kids!

Pretty in Yellow is listed in the shop!
It is sooo pretty.
I have one more floral Japanese fabric to use. They are just sooo pretty and girly. The fabric is soooo soft.

I also took all the kids out to take pics.
Good old City of Tacoma decided to mow all the cool intercity fields. So all my spots are gone. I wanted to cry.

I managed a few pics before everyone went crazy.

I LOVE this one! My oldest Hank is getting sooo grown up. I almost cried when I was editing the pics.

The rest of the pics are just silly.

The boys look so cute in their clothes from Red Wagon Kids.

These cute ties shirts are from Small Beans.

I think I have girls knocking down my doors in my future! What do you think????

Don't forget only a couple more days to enter the giveaway for the Fleur L'enfant set.


  1. These photos are really adorable..

  2. Wow - look at your Henry! Love that first picture of him (the one you used on your sidebar)! He is handsome!

  3. oh my...yes honey the girls will be just hummin' around those boys. I LOVE the serious Dylan and Ronnie too, but your oldest son is sure growing up so handsome.
    love grammie

  4. Maybe Kirra will end up knockin gon your door!! LOL...Im sur eshe would have plenty to compete with!! I love that last picture he is so CUTE!!

  5. Hank is a little heart throb!!! Oh my goodness is he handsome!! Love these pics Jenn. You did a beautiful job as always. :)

  6. You need to save one of your boys for Lillie! I don't care which one - they are all so handsome! Just put a few pics of Stella Marie on our blog!

  7. UHHHH YEAH!! There will definitely be girls at your doorstep for those boys. That Hank is a LOOKER!!! All of them are so very handsome and S.M. is beautiful!! Love them!! xoxo

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