06 June 2010

Sale on Eden Bouquet and one MJ.

This hat is now 25.

It is a size XL.

This 3 piece set is 6-9 months.

It is now 25 dollars.

MJ shrug is OS fits all.

The price is 15.

There is a small inperfection on the back. It does not show up in pics or I would show you.

Size 6 MJ.

Price is 25.

Any questions please email me at jennmanderson@yahoo.com

If these do not sell soon I just may try them on Ebay. I am afraid but I might just try. Hee Hee!


  1. Awww...too bad the MJ is way too big for Reese right now!

  2. What is the imperfection on the MJ shrug? I will take it. Let me know. :)

  3. It is a very small kinda hole I would say. I bought it on Ebay and they never told me and it came that way. Stella MArie was never able to even wear this because it was to small.Email me at Jennmanderson@yahoo.com if you want it. I am going to mail stuff out tomorrow.

  4. ok...what size do you think the sweater fits? My little girl is a 3t/4t.

  5. IS she a slim 3/4 or plump like SM???? It was advertised as 12 months to a size 6.


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