07 June 2010

Es and Es Kids and Divine Love........

I can not tell you how easy it was to take pics today.

Stella Marie was just sooo cute today!

We photographed several outfits in less than 30 minutes.

I have sooo many pretty pics of this dress.

 I LOVE it.

It comes from a very talented woman at Es and Es Kids.

The headband and bracelet both were made by her.

I was her first purchase some months ago and now stars are wearing her designs at Cannes.

This dress will be past down in our family .

You are able to send her a quote and she puts it on fabric and then makes the dress.

Our dress says Divine love always has met always will meet every human need .... and since to all mankind and in every hour Divine love supplies all good. Mary Baker Eddy. It is a prayer we say every night to all of our children before they go to sleep and it is also a prayer that not only has my husband's Mother told to him but his Grandmother as well.

Whenever I have felt overwhelmed as a mother I too say this prayer over and over and it brings me peace.



  1. WOW! Jennifer that is awesome! I have to say that I have never heard of any clothing designer that does that! See why I follow your blog...I learn something new everyday! I love that prayer too, what a great thing to pass thru generations...

  2. She looks a darling in that gorgeous, most meaningful dress, Jenn!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and so is Stella!! Love this dress!:) I'm a sucker for white!;)

  4. Gorgeous Pictures and what a wonderful prayer.

  5. I found her over on Etsy awhile ago...gorgeous stuff!!! It's very J.Crew-like. Love it!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Love the quote Jenn. Stella is such a princess in that dress. xo


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